Past Event
College Edge Introductory Seminar - Creating a High-Impact Resume for College

When: August 20th, 2017 (Sunday)

Where: Mindrome, 4701 Patrick Henry Drive, Building 23. Santa Clara, California 95054

Time: 2:00-3:00 pm

“Applying for college is not what it used to be. It is insanely more competitive these days and if you can afford the help of a professional, get it.”  In a one hour seminar about strategizing acceptance to top-tier colleges, a Stanford graduate with support from a Harvard graduate will run through important topics that will help applicants best market themselves.  David, a Stanford undergraduate alum with a background as an academic and career counselor, has dedicated his career  to helping high school and college students gain acceptance to the best universities around the country.  He graduated high school with a 4.5 GPA and gained acceptance to Stanford Universitya and every other college to which he applied (undergraduate and graduate school).  He is a seasoned professional currently working as college and high school counselor.  Students he has advised have successfully gained admission to both top-tier public and private universities.  He believes college choices should be tailored to each student's individual interests and short/long term career goals.  His will be joined by a Harvard graduate with three degrees from both East and West coast universities, as well as acceptance into two PhD programs.  Both are highly connected in the academic field and have access to current ivy league universities and other private college administrators, professors, admission officers, and understand the landscape of academia.

This event is the first of many seminars for College Edge Advisory to provide a personalized overview and guidance for current students in high school and at a community college, as well as parents/families who support the students' opportunity to get into a top-tier university.  The presentation will critically analyze the college admissions landscape and learn strategies to develop a high impact resume for undergraduate admissions from high school or the community college.  All are welcome to participate, and middle school students, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and transfer students are highly encouraged to listen, discuss, and be engaged to start creating a solid game plan for the future. All students and parents are highly encouraged to attend to get a comprehensive overview of the application process and better understanding of how to navigate this highly competitive process.  Topics that will be included during the one hour seminar are:

1. 360 Degree: Overview of Academic/College Acceptance and Application Process/Strategy.

2. Who is the Audience? Identify what elite colleges are looking for in applicants.

3. Competitive Advantages: Strategize how to showcase talent and potential.

4. What is the Process: Understand key steps to creating a well-rounded resume.

5. High Impact Students: Next Steps/Individual Plan - Maximize each student's potential and opportunity

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Mindrome, 4701 Patrick Henry Drive, Building 23, Santa Clara, CA 95054