Strategic Guidance

College Counseling is an strategic process, where accomplishments and life-lessons are discussed for a common goal - to help students gain acceptance to their preferred college. Our College Edge Advisory team use our life experiences to help students take advantage of opportunities and plan for a successful future. While guiding high school and community college students towards their long-term goals.






DAVID is a professional academic counselor with over a decade of college counseling experience, implements individual strategies to best prepare students for their own, desired outcomes.  We want all students to optimize their chances for success, so we use our expertise and life experiences to provide strategic, clear, and comprehensive guidance through specific matrices tailored to each student. David has continuously been focusing on academic achievement and career goals, and will help your student develop the grit and persistence to reach any goal expected. He has been accepted to 100% of the undergraduate and graduate programs to which he has applied.  Some of them include:

college admission
  • Stanford

  • UCLA

  • UC Berkeley

  • UC San Diego

  • UC Davis

  • University of Southern California (undergraduate and graduate school)

  • Santa Clara University (undergraduate and graduate school)

  • Loyola Marymount University (undergraduate and graduate school)

After graduating from Stanford University from undergraduate with a B.A., David received his masters in Counseling with an emphasis in school and career counseling.  While pursuing his masters degree and maintaining a 4.0 GPA, he worked as an advisor at a four-year college. He also co-founded a tutoring company, employing some of the most passionate and highest-achieving tutors in the Northern California region (graduates of Stanford University and Princeton University, among others).

  • Graduated from Stanford University

  • M.S. in Counseling (Career and School concentrations—PPS credential)

  • High school counseling (knowledgeable of the entire college application and financial aid processes)

  • Community college counseling: knowledge of the transfer process

  • Written numerous college recommendations for high school students

  • Assisted numerous students in completing their college personal statements

  • Co-creator of a tutoring business (helped run for 3 years)

  • Counseled numerous high school and community college students, helping them gain admission to the UC and CSU system, as well as private colleges.  Some examples include: UCLA, UC Berkeley, Georgetown, USC, UC San Diego, UC Davis, and Santa Clara.




"After meeting with David, I have clearer roadmap for my son's future education and career. David's counseling experience, the strategy, and the vision for the college application are trusted."   ~ Ying

"David is an excellent planning and college counseling professional. He is knowledgeable and familiar with every single procedure.  I just had a great experience talking to him.  He cleared up so much of my confusion and questions, and felt so grateful for all valuable advice.  I strongly recommend David to all.  His expertise in this field will definitely help you succeed!"    ~ Wendy 

"Working with David has been a good experience. I had no knowledge of college app process until our first two meetings. David educated me and Nathan about critical aspects regarding UC application such as topics to focus in personal statement etc."   ~ Dipti